FEWD 19 @ GA

Responsive Wireframes due Nov. 25, 2013


Please build out responsive sites based on the wireframes provided below.

Responsive Wireframes (PDF)

Included in the PDF, you’ll find three sets of wireframes:


If you’d like some hopefully helpful guidance, here are my versions of the wireframes that were assigned in class:


The set labelled “Homework” is required for this assignment.


“Challenge” is the same as the challenge I drew on the board in class. It is not quite as difficult as I imagined when I drew in on the board, but still more work than the one labelled “Homework”. I encourage you to at least take an honest stab at this one, it will be very good practice.


“Impossible” is what I meant to draw in class. A friend of mine who has been a professional front-end web developer for many years looked that layout over and told me that it isn’t possible to do using CSS. So for those of you with a “Challenge accepted!” mindset, this is the one for you. Good luck.

(Who’s bringing cookies on Monday?)