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About Programming

Computer will do what we tell them to do.

What is a Program

A program is a set of instructions that you write to tell a computer what to do

What is Programming

Programming is the task of writing those instructions in a language that the computer can understand.

Becoming A Programmer

It isn’t about the programming language. It is about changing how you think.

We have to know how the computer thinks to change how we think.

How Computers ‘Think’

The short answer is that they don’t think.

The slightly longer answer is that while computers don’t think, they act as if they do, by sequentially executing simple instructions.

The only things a computer knows are the things we tell it.

Pseudo Code

Pseudocode is the process of writing a program without using the syntax of a programming language.

Pseudocode is a mixture of natural language and high-level programming constructs. For example,

If the door is closed and I want to exit the room, then open the door

In this course we will learn what these keywords and structures are and how they are used to create a program…